Topics for Practical Work 

  • Determining the Molecular Formula of an Unknown Gas or an Unknown Salt
  • The Energy Content of Fuels
  • The Energy Content of Some Foods
  • The Enthalpy Change of any Particular Reactions
  • The Effect of Concentration of a Reactant on the Rate of Reaction (by using different ways as “measuring changes in mass, gas released, color of the solution, pH and conductivity.”)
  • The Effect of Surface Area of a Reactant on the Rate of Reaction
  • The Effect of Temperature on the Rate of Reaction
  • The Effect of Temperature on the Rate of Reaction
  • Determining the Activation Energy of a Reaction
  • Determining molar concentration of acid or base in any sample by titration
  • Calculating the amount of Iodine in Iodinated salt (titration with thiosulfate)
  • Determination of the Vitamin C Content of Certain Foods/ Drinks
  • Factors that affect Electrochemical Cell Potential
  • Factors that affect Electroplating
  • Factors that affect Saponification
  • Determining the Oxygen Content of Water (Winkler Method)

Topics to Study on Secondary Database

  • Relationship between melting points of cis and trans forms of the alkenes (examine with increasing number of carbon atoms)
  • The effect of the position of double bond in the alkenes on their melting points
  • Relationship between strength of intermolecular forces and boiling points of different inorganic compounds

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Topics for Using Simulations

  • The effect of optical path length on the absorbance of visible light
  • The effect of concentration of half cell solutions on the potential of electrochemical cell

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